blnk COVID-19 Antigen Schnelltest
blnk Mund-Nase-Schutz vom Typ IIR für Kinder

New: FFP2 & FFP3 respirators

Now available: COVID-19 Antigen Tests

Type IIR face masks for kids

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Shimon Szmigiel, CEO der TREKSTOR GmbH

Dear customers,

TREKSTOR has been committed to progress since 2001. Technical innovations are our lifeblood and from this the competence has grown to be able to react quickly to changing situations in order to meet the needs of our customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has opened up a completely new field. Due to the shortage of suitable protective equipment, we have committed ourselves to bringing suitable and certified products onto the market together with our partners around the world.

What was intended as a bridging business in times of crisis quickly became an important pillar of the entrepreneurial activities of TREKSTOR GmbH.

Today we combine all health and medical products under the blnk brand, with which a new chapter in the company's history is being written. In addition to our permanent portfolio, which you will find on this website, we are still open to project-related inquiries, which we are happy to help with.

Best regards

Shimon Szmigiel, CEO