blnk Healthcare extend portfolio of respirators and face masks

blnk Healthcare extend portfolio of respirators and face masks

Many varieties available from stock 

With the end of the pandemic not in sight yet, TREKSTOR is announcing the expansion of its mask portfolio, therefore fulfilling the increased demand created by regulations and customers alike.

Some of the new entries are comprised of so-called filtering half-masks, commonly known as FFP2 and FFP3. The FFP2 masks with the model name BL-03N (item 30604) are packaged 2pcs per bag with the user manual directly printed on the outside. Comprised of 5 layers, the respirators have been type-approved by notified body SGS Fimko (0598) and are valid to use for 24 months from production. They are worn with ear-straps and come with a flexible nose guard included in the fabric.

Additionally, newly available are 20pcs boxes of two FFP3 masks with the model names LT-2020AP3 (item 30613) and LT-2020AP3V (item 30614), the later which includes a vent. Both masks are foldable, also include a nose-guard and are worn with elastic headbands, that can be adjusted to fit perfectly. Like all FFP3 masks, they filter ≥99% of particles, as has been confirmed by the notified body Applus (0370). This allows them to also be used in direct contact with COVID-19 positive patients.

„The demand for filtering half-masks has increased drastically over the last few weeks“, says Shimon Szmigiel, CEO of TREKSTOR. „Therefore, we decided to expand our portfolio beyond the already available KN95 respirators with CE approval based on EU guideline PPE-R 02.075.“

At the same time the face mask portfolio was updated. While the focus always has been on EN 14683:2019 certified masks of both types IIR and I, they were always only available for adults. But now TREKSTOR also offers type IIR face masks for children as well.

 „Type IIR face masks filter ≥98% of exhaled air, therefore offering good protection for everyone around“, Simon Wiedemann, Head of Product Management explains. „With infections spreading in schools and day care centres more and more, wearing such masks consistently can help stop the spread of the virus dramatically.“

So kids can enjoy wearing a mask, TREKSTOR decided to offer them in 10 different designs, 5 each suited for boys and girls. Each design is packed 5pcs per re-sealable bag, if kids like to be surprised, the masks are also available in 5pcs mix packs with one mask of each design present within.

The kids masks are already in stock and can be ordered online at The shop is also ready to accept pre-orders to FFP2 and FFP3 masks, which will then be fulfilled in early January. Interested parties can also declare their interest by sending an email to PR requests should be directed to


About TREKSTOR / blnk Healthcare

TREKSTOR, known as one of Europe’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers based in Bensheim, Germany, has been active in the healthcare space with its brand blnk starting March 2020, helping to stop the spread of the virus via face masks, disinfectants and other protective equipment. The company is selling equally to government institutions and the army alongside direct sales to care facilities, hospitals, pharmacies and end-consumers.