There are different types of glove, which differ in their manufacturing material, texture, size, structure and length.

Material: Most disposable gloves are made of nitrile or latex. The manufacturing material is not only important in terms of its material properties (flexibility, strength, etc.), but also play a role that they can cause allergies in humans. Therefore, the information on the packaging should be observed before use.

Powdered and powder-free gloves: Some gloves are equipped with powder on the inside. The powder reduces moisture, giving the impression of dry hands. This is especially advantageous if you want to wear the gloves longer. Since some carriers find the powder unpleasant, there are also powder-free gloves.

Two-handed wearable gloves: With these gloves the thumb is not attached slightly offset, allowing the glove to be worn with both hands.

Texture: Some gloves have a slight structuring on the surface, which ensures better grip.