Face shield LUXclassic ™ (pack of 5)

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Type: Face protection shield with variable distance regulator and Velcro

Material: PET, Velcro

Size: 410 x 240 mm, 600 mm head circumference

Weight: 70 g

Use: Spit / liquid shield

Storage: Store in a dry place at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Store in a clean, well-ventilated warehouse without corrosive gases

and a humidity below 80%.

Origin: Made in Germany


This product is neither personal protective equipment according to EU 2016/425 nor is it a medical product according to EU 2017/745. In particular, there is no express or tacit guarantee of product properties in
legal sense intended. We reserve the right to make changes in line with technological progress or further development. The customer is not released from the obligation to carefully inspect incoming goods. The performance of the product described here should be verified by tests which should only be performed by qualified experts under the sole responsibility of a customer.